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Volunteering with Health Junction

Health Junction is a vibrant and exciting company to be involved with, and we are always open to volunteering and internship opportunities, for people who are ready to make a real difference in healthcare.

As an intern or volunteer, you could take part in valuable activities, such as developing a project, conducting some research or planning an event.

You could also become involved with:

  1. Fundraising.
  2. Supporting services.
  3. Health and social care.
  4. Research.
  5. Marketing and communications.

Why Should I Volunteer with Health Junction?

Volunteering with us will give you important skills for working in the Health and Social Care sector, and an enormous sense of personal satisfaction.

You will get:
  1. A thorough induction and supervision.
  2. The opportunity to join our internal training and development courses.
  3. Access to our internal vacancy list.
  4. A certificate and reference on completion of your placement.
  5. Reasonable travel and lunch expenses.
  6. The chance to develop your network, experience and professional skills.

You can apply if you are a university student or graduate, if you have left school or are looking for voluntary experience in your gap year. We also welcome applications from those returning to the workplace or looking for a change in career.

As long as you can demonstrate a strong interest in the Health & Social Care sector, you can volunteer with us.

Simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

    A 6 to 8 week internship