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Information Advice and Guidance Statement of Service

Health Junction CIC to ensure that all learners and prospective learners have access to high quality impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to enable them to make informed decisions, to achieve their full potential and succeed in life. The support and guidance we will offer our learners will assist in ensuring the achievement and retention of all learners irrespective of their individual needs. We will work proactively with Employers, Sub-Contractors, Parents/Carers and other External Agencies to guide the learners and promote an ethos of Lifelong Learning within our own organisation and those we work with.

Health Junctions principles include:

  • Providing impartial, responsive, friendly and enabling information, advice and guidance services to our learners.
  • Being accessible and visible to our learners.
  • Ensuring that our staff are professional and knowledgeable to address our learners’ needs.
  • Making our learners aware of relevant IAG services.
  • Supporting learners to explore the implications for both learning and work in their future career plans.
  • Referral – direction to other courses, agencies and resources

In conjunction with these principles, our aim is to ensure that:

  • All members of the community have access to information, advice and guidance.
  • Services meet or are working towards the relevant quality standard for learning and work.
  • We collect, use and share your feedback to continually improve the service.
We are committed to providing a confidential service to our customers and respect that:
  • Our learners deserve the right to confidentiality to protect their interests.
  • By guaranteeing confidentiality, we safeguard the services of giving Advice & Guidance.
Code of conduct we expect from our learners:
  • To attend appointments (or inform of cancellation)
  • To contact us promptly if there are concerns about studies
  • Give as much relevant information as possible to help us respond to your enquiries
  • To treat college staff and fellow students with respect
  • Feedback on the service received

Section two Health Junction Resilience Course and Learners feedback

Health Junction Resilience Workshop for Wirral adult lifelong learning Service during COVID – 19

Name: Resilience awareness workshop

The aim of the learning is to improve staff’s understanding and learning of resilience to manage their own resilience and support others within their community, reduce levels of anxiety and improve their self-management in difficult situations. By training staff in resilience during and in a post pandemic era, we can build a more resilient workforce and community.

Current learner feedback from managers and frontline workers 2020-2021:

“Tutors made the course feel very relaxed and informative, able to speak openly about our health and wellbeing.”

“Promote Resilience within my team”

“It definitely gives you food for thought on how you manage your own resilience and reflection”

“I particularly enjoyed the open discussions”

“Thought provoking and informative”

“Ideal environment for me to learn”

“Improve my knowledge and understanding of resilience and how to use the knowledge in my role.”

“Helped me to realise what skills and coping measures I have and also what support is available to me”

“To practice some of the positive protection mechanisms that I benefit from and encourage some of my colleagues to do”

Partner Feedback

Wirral Lifelong Learning Service

“We have been working with Health Junction for a number of years. What we love about working with them is feeling like we are one big team with the same goals and aspirations for Wirral residents. The combination of our years of specialist learning delivery and their specialist health knowledge and experience is a win-win for our learners. It’s a great partnership for everyone involved.”

Fiona Bell, Curriculum Leader Learner Support