Healthier Me

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‘Healthier Me’ is an innovative support solution developed by Health Junction. It is being used to support individuals who are disproportionally affected by long-term health conditions and the wider determinants of health.

To support this model Health Junction employs a bespoke, cloud-based  Case Record Management (CRM) System.  Our system is secure and fully GDPR compliant.

‘Healthier Me’ offers three steps of support:

  • Personalised case-management – starts with the ‘Healthier Me’ conversation with one of Health Junction’s ‘Healthier Me’ Coaches in order to identify what is most important to the person at that moment, their needs, strengths and preferences.
  • Digital Device Scheme – targeted digital interventions and resources
  • Online Health Junction Health Hub Support – provides ongoing access to digital tools, Apps, resources, interventions and solutions

Contact us

If you are interested in our ‘Healthier Me’ Service then please get in touch:

Phone: 07714 820166