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Wirral Breeze Programme for Long-term Health Conditions

What is it?

‘Breeze’ is an Early Intervention and Prevention Service for Wirral residents. It is supported by Public Health Wirral and was designed and developed by Health Junction in conjunction with people who are living with various long-term health conditions.

It is a self-management education programme that helps build participants’ confidence in managing their health and keep them active and engaged in their lives

The programme is based in accessible community settings such as Leisure Centres, GP Surgery, etc…

Who is it for?

Breeze is for adults living with one or more long-term health conditions.

What are the benefits?

The program may be particularly beneficial for people who have more than one health condition, whose health problems have begun to interfere with their valued life activities (quality of life), or who have had difficulty following health recommendations such as the need to make changes to diet or exercise.

Breeze has a very strong history – 10 years in fact – and during that time we have developed a strong evidence base that demonstrates participation in the Breeze Programme can improve physical and mental wellbeing, social isolation, confidence, psychosocial outcomes and quality of life for people with chronic health conditions. Better communication with health/Social Care providers (GP’s, Job Coach, Social workers…)

How do I access this service?

If you live or work in Wirral, you can self-refer or you can ask to be referred by your GP, Job Coach, Social Prescriber link Workers or other key workers/services that you are engaged with.

How to contact us

Phone: 07714 820166