Young People’s Participation


Who Are We?
We are Young Ambassadors for the Young Person’s Advisory Service.

What Do We Do?
Our role is to represent the voice of young people, both locally and nationally.

How Do We Do This?
We work in partnership with the YPAS Participation Worker and we meet regularly at YPAS to plan our involvement in decision making activities. We also travel to events to influence key decision makers.

Why Do We Do This?
– We want to make sure that young people are at the heart of all decisions made that affect them.
– We want to have a collective voice in our service and wider society.
– We want to develop confidence and new skills for our future.
– We want to educate others about the needs of young people.
– We want to influence and improve services for young people.
– We want to reduce the stigma around mental health and ensure that young people’s mental health remains a priority.

Are you interested in having your voice heard?

Do you want to be an advocate for other young people?

Do you believe that together, we can make change?

Come and Join Us!!!

How To Get Involved…
You can get involved by speaking to any member of staff, or you can contact our Participation worker Suziie Davis:

You can also call or text 07917 658155 and leave your contact details and Suziie will be in touch!